Frequently Asked Questions

I have a Named User Pro subscription. How do I upgrade to 2019?

If you have a pre-paid annual subscription, Named User Pro entitlement, you can upgrade to 2019 at any time within your subscription period. There is no price change. The entitlement change requires you to file a Bentley Service Request. The Service Request entry point is on the Subscription Services Portal or the user’s Connect Portal.

  1. Click on New Service Request and select Billing, Order, and Contract Support, this will launch the Service Request Portal
  2. Ensure that the following are set:
    1. Category = “Account”
    2. Problem Area = “Product/Subscription Adjustment” and “Redeploy Licenses”
    3. Details indicate how many licenses are to be migrated. It is important to understand that this upgrades the product entitlement to SYNCHRO 2019.
    4. Submit the Service Request

The Service Request will be automatically routed to the Bentley financial operations team who will make the necessary changes to the organizations records, and the user will receive an email that the entitlement has been changed. The SYNCHRO Pro 2019 entitlement will now be available.

Note – this is not the SYNCHRO user service request system.

I have a Shared User Pro subscription. How do I upgrade to 2019?

Shared User licenses have been deprecated and are no longer available for SYNCHRO, starting with the SYNCHRO 2019 release. If you want to upgrade from a Shared User license to 2019, you will be issued two (2) 2019 Named User licenses for each existing Shared User license. You can follow the same process as described as the Named User license upgrade process described above. The SYNCHRO 2019 release also introduces a new consumption-based commercial option that is similar to the shared license experience. If you are interested in learning more about this new consumption-based option, please contact your account manager.

I have an Open Viewer subscription. How do I upgrade to 2019?

Open Viewer 2019 will soon be available for download from the Bentley.com website. It can also be downloaded from the Bentley Software Downloads.

I have a Scheduler subscription. How do I upgrade to 2019?

Scheduler 2019 will soon be available for download from the Bentley.com website. It can also be downloaded from Bentley Software Downloads.

I have an Asta Powerproject plugin license. What do I do in the 2019 version?

Nothing! When you renew your contract, the charge for the Asta-plugin will not appear on your invoice. This is now included in the SYNCHRO Pro 2019 product.      

Has the license model changed for SYNCHRO Workgroup Project (SWP)?

No, SWP still utilizes the FLEXlm license and the existing processes for licensing and license acquisition.

Can I mix versions of SYNCHRO (2018 and 2019) on the same project?

No, a project must use the same version of all SYNCHRO products including Pro, Workgroup Project, Open Viewer, and Scheduler.

How do I access the SYNCHRO 2019 software installers?

Please refer to the Download Information FAQ.

How do I license SYNCHRO 2019?

SYNCHRO 2019 uses a new license process and technology, Bentley’s Software Entitlement Service. FLEXlm, and license files in general, are no longer used. Once your upgrade request is processed by Bentley, the entitlement for SYNCHRO 2019 will be applied to your organization. This replaces the old license file. For more information on how this new license model works, and how to manage your organization’s SYNCHRO entitlements, please refer to the knowledge base at Bentley Communities.

What’s New in 2019?

Please refer to the official SYNCHRO 2019 release notes.

How do I get a trial of SYNCHRO 2019?

Please work with your account manager to get a trial license for SYNCHRO 2019.