How to download the new 2019 versions

Go to Bentley Software Downloads and filter Brand by SYNCHRO. You will need to register as a Bentley Connect user if you have not done so already. Your organisation will need to have an entitlement for new SYNCHRO 2019 licenses. 


How to upgrade to the new 2019 entitlement

Users with current SYNCHRO subscriptions can upgrade their entitlement to 2019. There is no cost for this. It simply requires a change to Bentley's record of your account. 

To upgrade, follow the relevant instructions in our FAQ document.

Once your upgrade request is processed by Bentley the entitlement for SYNCHRO 2019 will be applied to your organization in the download centre. This replaces the old license file system. 

For more information on how this new license model works, and how to manage your organization’s SYNCHRO entitlements, please refer to the knowledge base on Bentley Communities.


Which products are available?

  • SYNCHRO Pro 2019 Named User Subscription only
  • SYNCHRO Pro iRay add-in 
  • SYNCHRO Open Viewer 2019 (FREE Download)
  • SYNCHRO Scheduler 2019 (FREE Download)


Download Now


SYNCHRO Workgroup Project (SWP) has not changed with this release.

SYNCHRO Site for iPad and SYNCHRO XR for HoloLens can still be dowloaded from the Apple App Store and Microsoft Store respectively. 

The latest plugins can still be downloaded from the legacy Synchro Software website.


Quick links

Subscription Services Portal 

Bentley Connect Portal 

Bentley Software Downloads 


SYNCHRO 2019 CONNECT Edition Release Notes

What's changed?

The latest release brings better data visualization, enhanced data organization, and improved resource tracking.

SYNCHRO 2019 uses a new license process and technology, Bentley’s Software Entitlement Service. FLEXlm, and license files in general, are no longer used.

ASTA Powerproject integration is also now included at no extra cost for all SYNCHRO Pro named license subscriptions.

See more feature highlights in this video and read about them below.


Resource status categories

Track resource status in multiple categories simultaneously (e.g. construction and inspection).

Group data by any parameter

Added ability to show tasks, resources or 3D object tables as flat lists (no hierarchy tree) which can be grouped or sorted by any parameter.

Color 3D by any value

Visualize model and schedule data as a 3D “heat-map” animated over the project’s timeline to pinpoint hotspots and bottlenecks in order to optimize the schedule.

Neutral appearance profile

  • Stop simulation of selected 3D Resources without necessity to use ‘Ignore Timeline’ mode
  • Prevent ‘in-between-tasks’ simulation / re-simulation of 3D Resources assigned to multiple tasks (consecutive or separated in time)
  • Preserve ‘End / Start Appearance’ of 3D Resources assigned to multiple tasks

Edit resource and task usage

Editable assignment parameters in resource and task usage spreadsheet

Resource groups

Group by properties, lists or codes and customize your columns.

Cost codes

SYNCHRO is ready for cost integration. Cost codes are added for resource assignment cost, task direct, actual and risk costs.

Recalculate task progress

Easily update task progress from the status of assigned resources.

Change the 3D view in animations

Create keyframes to set the view to any of the 3D view properties. Change dates and color modes, apply 3D filters, show/hide notations, update legend,  apply cutting planes, change visiblity, effects and indicators.


Added resource status categories and multiple status sets to resource status list and support for resource groups.

SWP, API, and SQL in the SYNCHRO Portal

  • Migration of SWP from objectivity/DB to SQLite
  • Link API for 2019
  • Portal integration API
  • Automatic SQL updates

Dashboards and Reports

Dashboards often provide at-a-glance views of KPIs relevant to a particular objective or business process. In the other, "dashboard" has another name for "progress report" or "report".

Full details in our SYNCHRO 2019 CONNECT Edition Release Notes.